Sunday, April 3, 2011

She's Here!!!!

Today at 8:21 am, Rylin June Crofts arrived and became the newest  member of our family.  Weighing in at
 6 lb 3 oz and measuring 19" long is a miniature repeat of her older sister Rusti.  Not being sure when this new addition would come, we were anxiously awaiting her arrival.  We were surprised to meet this new little girl, not knowing whether we would be meeting  a girl or a boy.  Ashley was unable to find out what the sex of this baby was so she was a surprise.  Ashley began having labor pains at 10:30 Saturday night and finally at 11:30 went to the hospital.  She was only dilated to a 4 and really wasn't progressing very quickly.  The hospital staff wanted to send her home but Dr Chamberlain had different ideas.  She was monitored and checked often and finally at 7:00 only having dilated to 5, Dr Chamberlain came in and broke her water.  Craig and I headed for the hospital and got there about 8:10.  By this point Ashley was dilated to 9+ and Dr Chamberlain checked her and noted that the baby wanted OUT.  We left the room and only about 5 minutes later, we heard a baby cry and Dr Chamberlain proclaim "you have another girl".  I looked at Craig and chuckled a little. (I was hoping for another girl) We went back in the room and met our new little granddaughter.  Mom was doing awesome and the baby is beautiful and healthy.  I am amazed at how much she looks like Rusti did when she was born.  Ashley and Tanner both loved the name Rylin and June is her grandma Crofts middle name.  Rusti's middle name is Kay after me so they thought it  only fair to let Grandma Nakole have the honors of having this little baby named after her.  How thankful I am to have 4 beautiful granddaughters. Jordyn 5, Rusti 18 months, Aspyn 5 months and now Rylin. All are perfect and healthy.  I can't help but marvel to know that these new little girls have so recenty left the presence of our Heavenly Father and come as perfect special little angels.  So perfect and unscarred by the world.  My hope and prayer for each of these precious little girls is that they continue to learn the gospel and stay sweet and perfect like they are now.  I know each one was personally held tightly and advised by their grandma Helen to mind their parents and to obey the commandments and to return to our Father in Heaven as clean and unspoted as they are now and as she always was.  Thank you mom for hand-picking these little girls to join my family.  I couldn't be happier.

                                                       Rylin sporting a fashionable fauxhock!
                                                                Proud and exhausted parents
Dad's turn at feeding time
Happy and content, bath and a full belly, life is good!

Rylin June Crofts 4/3/11

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Update on Sister Hone

Let it Snow!!!!!

It's been a long time since I updated Brieanna's progress.  She is still in Lynnwood, and has been with Sister Christensen since she got to Everett.  She and Sister Christensen have gotten along great after they decided to accept each other's differences.  At first meeting, Brieanna wasn't so sure they would be able to get along since they are different in every way.  After 3 months together, Sister Christensen was transferred and Brieanna stayed in Lynnwood.  She was very sad to see her go.  She had learned to love her and they had many great experiences together.  Brieanna now is the one with the knowledge of the area and the people they have been teaching.  They have a couple, a single sister and a set of sisters that they are teaching.   Dorris and her husband are doing very well and she thinks they will be baptized soon.  Lisa (the single sister) is doing well but is afraid that after baptism, she may mess up and so she won't commit to be baptized.  They are struggling with trying to teach her about the Atonement and Repentence.  They are keeping their hopes up that she will commit.  They have also been working very close with the young women of the ward, which Brieanna loves.  She says it's like having a whole bunch of little sisters.  She must really miss Amber.

Sister Christensen and Brieanna with one of their favorite young women!

Brieanna loves the people and the gospel in Everett but she is not sure about living in Washington with all the rain and cold weather.  I assured her that when Spring and Summer comes she will love the area.  The pictuers she sends are beautiful and she seems to be doing very well.  She is unable to email when a holiday falls on Monday, and I'm finding out there are alot more Monday's than there needs to be.  I will be glad to get back on a regular email routine. 

Brieanna and Sister C were invited over to dinner at a ward members home and he fixed them fresh salmon and halibut, Brieanna hates seafood and told him she could never eat it.  He assured her that she would like his and she needed to at least try it.  She tried it and loved it.  New horizons are opening up for her all around. 

She sends her love and best wishes to all her friends and family and I promise I will post more often.  Until next time...
Some things never change!!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

This year we spent Christmas in Colorado with Brandi's family.  It was great.  Christmas actully came early to us.  Jordyn was able to come down with some friends that had met them in Greenriver and got to spend the week before Christmas with us.  She was so fun.  We love having her in our home.  Nothing like a 4 year old to get you excited for Christmas.  Our trip got delayed a day because of bad weather, but we got there in time to have a great Christmas Eve dinner and get everything ready for Santa's arrival.  We were very lazy on Christmas day and just enjoyed each other's company.  Santa brought the Survis family a wii and we all bowled until we could hardly move.  It was a blast.  We got to talk to Sister Hone in Washington on Christmas day for about an hour.  She is doing awesome.  We missed her for Christmas, but are very proud of what she is doing. Sunday Aspyn was blessed by her grandpa Craig in their ward.  She looked beautiful in sister Jordyn's dress and Craig did an awesome job.  Monday, Cody, Brandi and Jordyn hit the slopes in Powderhorn.  Cody and Brandi went snowboarding and Jordyn started her skiing career.  She did awesome, her instructors were amazed at how fast she learned.  I hope she keeps going.  Tuesday we left to come home and face the real world once again.  The Christmas season was awesome.  Next year Christmas for us will be spent in Toquerville.....ready or not Tanner, her we come.

                                                        Aspyn's Blessing Day  12-26-2010

Blessing by Grandpa Craig

Cody's WII MII

Craig as a MII WII

Hello Blogging world

Sister Brieanna Hone/Washington Everett Mission 11-10-2010

I decided when Brieanna left on her mission, I would start a blog to let others know about how she is doing.  I have been a little slow getting it ready but here it goes.  Hope you enjoy.  Brieanna is now in Lynnwood Washington serving in the Everett Washington Mission.  She has been in Lynnwood for about 5 weeks.  She loved the MTC, and wished she could stay there forever.  She had a great companion that she loved and she had some great experiences.  Since getting to Washington, things have been different.  She has a companion that is completely different than she, but she has come to love her.  She was homesick  the first week, but has been doing much better.  She had a great Christmas with some ward members and all the missionaries from her zone.  We got to talk to her for about an hour which was great.  We were in Colorado at Brandi's for Christmas so Brandi, Cody, and Jordyn got to talk to her as well.  Before calling us, she called and talked to Ashley.  She had forgotten Brandi's cell number and had to call Ashley to get Brieanna to find an excuse to talk to us all.   She said the work is a little slow, but both she and her companion were new to the area and just trying to figure out a plan of attack.   They are working very closely with the young women of their ward and she loves that.  She says it's like having a whole bunch of little sisters.  She loves the people of Washington but doesn't love the area.  She loves sunshine and she hasn't seen much since she got there.  She said it is a perfect place for a vampire to live.  I told her wait until Summer, she will love it.  I hear from her on Monday's and I will try to post an update each week.  She can only email her MOTHER, so the rest of you will have to keep track of her by this blog.   until next time....